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10 Pros and Cons of A Destination Wedding

Destination weddings sound amazing on paper - you get to travel, the weather will likely be amazing, and all your guests will be wowed by it all. But is that the reality? Don't get us wrong, while destination weddings have many benefits, they also come with several challenges and considerations that couples should keep in mind. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at 12 pros and cons of destination weddings so you can make the best decision possible (and have #noregrets)! Let's go!


1. An excuse to travel

One of the biggest advantages of a destination wedding is that it offers your guests the opportunity (and let's face it, a great excuse!) to travel to a new place and have a super unique experience. For some guests, this may be the first time they have ever travelled outside of their home country or the first time they've been to the country you've chosen, so it's even more special.

2. Reduced guest list

We hate to say it, but because destination weddings require more planning and travel, the guest list tends to be smaller, making the wedding more intimate and personal. This can be particularly appealing to you if you and your partner want a smaller, more relaxed wedding, or are looking to reduce your guest list.

3. Built-in holiday

Destination weddings can double as a holiday for the couple and their guests. This means that everyone can enjoy some time off from their daily lives and experience a new place together, and make awesome memories.

4. Insta-worthy photos

We'll take a gamble that one of the reasons you chose your wedding destination is that it's pretty damn beautiful. So there is no denying that choosing a destination wedding will guarantee gorgeous wedding photos. From tropical beaches to snow-capped mountains, the possibilities are literally endless.

5. Pre (and post!) wedding activities

Destination weddings often have a built-in itinerary of fun activities for guests to enjoy leading up to the wedding day, from sightseeing and outdoor adventures to spa days and group dinners.

6. It can be more affordable

Depending on the destination, a destination wedding can be more affordable than a traditional wedding at home. This is particularly true for couples who choose to have their wedding in a country where the cost of living is lower than in their home country, like Spain vs Ireland.

7. Option of all-inclusive packages

Some resorts and destinations offer all-inclusive wedding packages that take care of all the planning details and accommodation for guests, which makes planning a destination wedding much easier and less stressful than planning a wedding at home.

8. Cultural experience

Destination weddings offer the opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of the destination like local cuisine and music to traditional wedding customs. If you have a destination wedding in Ireland (hey, we're biased), you and your guests will fall in love with the Irish culture (think pubs, music, and even just the people).

9. Have an outdoors wedding

It's a pretty known fact that one of the main reasons that people have a destination wedding is to either escape the weather of their home country. Many destination weddings take place in beautiful outdoor venues and offer sunshine and most importantly, little to no threat of rain, unlike Ireland!

10. Destination honeymoon

It's a two for one: if you get married overseas, you can combine your wedding and honeymoon into one, saving time and money!


1. Travel costs

It's an obvious one but destination weddings require guests to travel, which can be expensive, and frankly (and sadly), a dealbreaker.

2. Time off work

Your guests will need take time off work to attend your destination wedding, which can sometimes be challenging for guests - especially those who are travelling a long distance i.e. travelling from the US to Ireland, which would require more than a few days off.

3. Some of your family and close friends might not be able to make it

Because of the need to travel to your wedding, some guests you really want to be there may not be able to attend. This can be really upsetting for couples who want all of their friends and family to be there on their big day.

4. Cultural differences

As much as cultural differences make for an amazing wedding, sometimes those same differences between the destination and the guests may create confusion, such as differences in language, customs, and expectations around wedding traditions.

5. Language barriers

Communication can be a challenge if you and your guests don't speak the local language. This can also make it difficult to navigate transportation, accommodation and other logistics. If you thought organising accommodation for wedding guests in your home country was a logistical nightmare, destination weddings are a lot harder (without a wedding planner to help)!

6. Legal requirements

Getting married in a foreign country can involve complex legal requirements. You may need to obtain a marriage licence in your country before you travel, fulfil residency/visa requirements, or navigate local customs and laws. In some countries, you even have to have your legal ceremony in the native language.

7. Supplier selection

You might have trouble finding suppliers in a destination you're not so familiar with, or are communicating via email instead of on the ground.

8. Planning challenges

Planning a destination wedding requires a lot of coordination and planning, which can be challenging for some couples. You'll not only have to coordinate travel arrangements, suppliers, accommodation, and other logistics, you'll also have to organise yourselves and make sure you're not stressed out completely.

9. Additional costs

Destination weddings can actually end up being more expensive than traditional weddings due to the cost of travel, accommodation, and other expenses. Couples may need to budget carefully and consider the financial impact on themselves and their guests.

10. Limited control

You might find that you and your partner have limited control over the details of your wedding when planning from a distance, depending on the venue and location you choose.

To make the most of a destination wedding, you and your partner should carefully consider the pros and cons and work closely with a wedding planner to ensure that the event runs smoothly! Check out our services here to find out more about what we do and how we can make your destination wedding in Ireland not only an unforgettable day but an unreal experience.


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