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13 Cool Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

With everything else you need to choose for your wedding, selecting fun and amazing wedding favours for your guests can be the last thing on the list. But let's face it, no one wants cardboard coasters from the airport gift shop that'll end up in the bin after cocktail hour! That's why we've found 13 cool wedding favour ideas your guests will love (and take home!).

A temporary tattoo is a creative and fun way to show off your wedding style and vibe. Your guests will love putting on the temporary tats and they'll also make awesome photo opportunities too. It's all filler and all thriller!

Simply get some miniature alcohol bottles of your choice (tequila, rum, vodka...) and make your label and print it out, stick it on and voila, you got a reasonably priced, fun af wedding favour *chef's kiss*

Want your girl gang to look she-mazing in your wedding photos? These personalised (or not!) heart-shaped sunglasses are a great idea. You can also hand them out to all your guests and get some fun photos, or save them for your bridal party. Just don't be shady (OK that was lame, sorry haha)!

A wedding favour that's a little more retro, but very cool, is a motel keychain. You can get them custom printed with your own logo or even your guests' names - whatever you want. They look good and are actually practical so you know they won't go to waste.

Now, balloon dog shot glasses may be a bit left of field for a wedding favour idea, but just look at them! Your wedding guests will kick themselves if they don't take theirs home. And if they don't, someone else will.

For a wedding favour that's lit, why not give out custom matchboxes? They'll actually come in handy for your guests one day, but also look pretty classy too. Guaranteed no one else has had these at their wedding, so you'll get that 'wow' factor. You're welcome!

Aren't able to let go of Oxegen '08? These wedding festival wristbands will take you back but also will be a great memory for your wedding guests in years to come. (if only because it'll take a sharp pair of scissors to get it off their wrists).

For the music lovers and for anyone who appreciates a small, cute gift, these wedding favours are perfect. They will look great on a place setting or on a dedicated table. Either way, your guests will take these!

I would actually eat popcorn every single day so this wedding favour is personally my favourite. Food is always a hit as a wedding favour, and popcorn is universally loved. You can create popcorn boxes that match your wedding colours and fonts. Yasss.

Sweets, candy, lollies - whatever you wanna call them, your wedding guests will eat them... especially if they're personalised. If there are kids at your wedding, even better. None and I mean NONE will go in the bin.

Everyone's a winner, baby! Okay, not everyone but this is still a cool favour to give to guests and see the reaction on their face when they win €2! Worth every penny.

This could backfire because guests may end up playing cards instead of enjoying the actual wedding but you know what? You should take that risk.

Rock and roll vibes? Check. Involves alcohol? Check. These wedding favours are ideal for an alternative wedding with guests that love a drink. They also look awesome so they'll be well used for years after your big day.

These small honey-scented candles are ideal for a wedding favour not only because they smell and look amazing, but they're made of 100% beeswax and are 100% natural, perfect for eco-friendly/sustainable weddings.


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