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4 reasons you should have a mid-week wedding

If you're planning an alternative wedding and want to make your wedding day really unique, why not consider getting married mid-week? Mid-week weddings in Ireland are becoming more popular every year, with 27% of Irish weddings in 2021 taking place on a day other than Friday or Saturday. If you want to save money on your wedding and book your dream wedding venue in Ireland, here are 4 reasons why weekday weddings are a great idea:

1. You'll get to choose your dream wedding venue and suppliers.

It happens to the best of us: you have an amazing wedding venue in mind. You go and see it - it's perfect - but there's a catch: it's booked up on Saturdays for the next year. This might be when some engaged couples give up and choose a different wedding venue but did you know: Irish wedding venues are usually happy to accommodate a mid-week wedding... and with a great discount?! The same goes for Irish wedding suppliers like photographers, videographers and florists. By choosing a mid-week date for your wedding in Ireland, you will have SO many more options.

2. Your wedding guests will have more time to celebrate with you (and you'll have more time with your partner)!

Unlike weekend weddings, a mid-week wedding is going to be cheaper and more relaxing...especially for your guests. At a typical Saturday wedding, guests are back at work on Monday morning and therefore have less time to enjoy the break. They may have only been able to stay at your event for a few hours before they had to go home and get some rest, or they might've been forced to leave early because of their schedule. A Wednesday wedding gives them more time to chill out and more time with you! And if you aren't having a honeymoon, you can take the weekend after the wedding to spend time with your partner. Win-win!

3. Save money on your wedding

Like I mentioned above, a mid-week wedding is not only a great way to secure your dream venue and suppliers, but you can also save quite a bit of money. This goes across all aspects of your wedding, even down to transport and rentals like suits, photobooths etc. It will also mean cost savings for your guests, and may enable some wedding guests to attend who otherwise wouldn't have been able to come if it was on a weekend. Another great way to save even more money on your mid-week wedding is to get married in autumn or winter. Although it may be cooler, there are some fabulous cold weather wedding venues in Ireland, and you can hold the entire celebration indoors.

4. Weddings on Saturdays are standard, but a mid-week wedding is cooler

A Saturday wedding is so pre-Covid. As a result of the pandemic, one of the silver linings in the wedding industry has been changing attitudes towards weddings and wedding dates. Because of so many missed weddings or postponed events, more and more couples are keen to get married on any day of the week, and vendors and venues are more flexible to accommodate them - and also with lower guest counts.

So in summary - what's not to love about a mid-week wedding?! You can have the best vendors and venue on a timeline that suits you, it will be more affordable, and you'll have more time to celebrate with your guests.

Are you ready to plan your mid-week wedding in Ireland? Book your consultation now!


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