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How to Research Your Perfect Irish Wedding Venue

Are you wondering how to find the best wedding venues in Ireland? There are so many wedding venue listings from Dublin to Cork to Wicklow and beyond that it can be super overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a list of tips so you can start your wedding venue tour and book the wedding venue. After all, it is your big day. YOUR.ONE.BIG.DAY. As RuPaul says, don't f*ck it up!

1. How many wedding guests

First things first, how many guests are coming to your wedding? Is it 15 or 150? Figuring out how many wedding guests you want early on will narrow down where you can have your wedding as some venues have guest minimums or limits. If you're having a smaller wedding, you'll likely want a private venue such as a bar, restaurant or cool space (like a barn or hall), but if you're have a big wedding, you'll need a big venue like a stately home/country house, or a hotel. That said, some venues may surprise you that you'd previously written off, which leads us to our next point...

2. Get some help finding the best wedding venue

It ain't easy finding a wedding venue in Ireland, let alone in the location you want or on the day you want it. It's also exhausting having to go from venue to venue, only to find out most of them were a complete waste of time and not right at all. That's why getting our help to research your wedding venue is a no-brainer. We've got the connections, we know what will work and what won't, and we'll save a lot of stress overall. We'll give you a list of 3 venues complete with pros and cons, plus come along to venue viewings with you. Boom: the hardest part of your wedding will be dealt with for you.

3. Be flexible with your wedding date

You've probably had a wedding date in mind since you got engaged – but maybe you thought, oh no, that falls on a Wednesday (or a Tuesday)! Actually... that's perfect. Hear me out: all too often we see couples get married on dates they really didn't want to, far from their sentimental date, just to fit in with the venue and ensure the wedding was on a Saturday. We might be biased but getting married on a Friday or Saturday like everybody else is boring. It also makes it a lot harder to get your dream venue if you are inflexible with weekend dates. Open up that calendar and you'll get what you want, and most likely save money too.

4. Your ideal wedding venue location

Yes, that tiny barn on your uncle's friend's brother's farm is the stuff of Pinterest dreams but think logistics: will guests even travel to the middle of nowhere? And if so, how will they get there? Location is vital if you're having any type of wedding with guests, but especially bigger affairs (okay, elopements are excluded). You might also want to consider distance from airports/train stations, as well as what type of accommodation is available for guests. Oh yeah, we can also help with travel arrangements too 😉

5. Wedding budget

Some couples make the mistake of booking the venue then thinking about budget. NO! You need to think of budget from the get-go or you can get fleeced. Venues especially want you to spend top dollar on their platinum packages so it pays to shop around. Also, although it seems like more work, your bank account will look a lot healthier if you see more than one venue and compare what you get as part of the venue fee, such as tables and chairs, linen, catering etc.

6. Think of your wedding vision

It can be hard to put your wedding vision into words or to imagine how it will look in the venue once you're there, so it's a good idea to come with some ideas before you go - like creating a Pinterest board with particular styles, to see how they'll fit in with the decor, room size, and venue restrictions. You don't want to end up with a cookie cutter wedding that everyone else has had, which can happen if you're not sure of what you want. Also, if you're viewing package-style venues, ask about their recommended vendors. Some of the suppliers might not fit your wedding design or vibe so it's good to check.

Now that you’ve got our top 6 venue research tips, what should you do next? Well, if you want expertise and connections to help you select the right venue for your wedding, why not enquire about our venue research service? We'll give you a list of curated venue options that meet your needs and even come along with you to tour each venue. Click here to learn more about how we can find your ultimate wedding venue.


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