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The Ultimate Wedding Decor Checklist

Planning a wedding can be one of the most rewarding, but also stressful times of your life. Aside from all the budgeting and little details, there is one big part of the wedding that can cause a huge amount of panic: the wedding decor. If you have a certain style or theme, trying to think of everything you will need to rent, buy or DIY can be exhausting! We know better than anyone that checklists are a must when planning your wedding, so that's why we've created the ultimate wedding decor checklist for you to print or save for later, to make sure you have absolutely everything you need.

What you'll need to rent

There are a number of decor items you may need to rent for your wedding. Depending on the venue/where you're getting married, they might have inventory of some decor, so it's best to check. But if you want a fully customised, unique wedding, you'll need to rent the below items:

  • Aisle runner

  • Chairs

  • Chair covers/seat pads

  • Floral arches

  • Floral backdrop

  • Floral pillars

  • Aisle decor, like vases, baskets, candles, disco balls etc.

  • Linen - like tablecloths

  • Draping

  • Napkins

  • Cutlery

  • Charger plates

  • Dinner plates

  • Glassware, like goblets and glasses

  • Candelabras/vases/candlesticks

  • Centrepieces

  • Table number holders

  • Lighting

  • Welcome sign/other signage like bar sign/signature drink sign

  • Lounge furniture

  • Dance floor

  • Neon signs

  • Hanging decor/installations

  • Other miscellaneous decor like disco balls, faux flowers, backdrops, streamers

What you'll need to buy

Not everything, especially if it's bespoke/personalised, can be rented! Anything that has your names on it or is disposable is often what you'll need to buy.

  • Welcome sign (if it's personalised)

  • Flower girl basket

  • Confetti

  • Programs for ceremony

  • Guest book (unless it's an audio guestbook)

  • Card box

  • All stationery (menus, place cards etc)

  • Cake topper

  • Wedding favours

  • Table plans

  • Table number holders

What you can DIY

We love a DIY wedding! There are so many things you can make for your wedding that aren't just limited to this list!

  • Welcome sign/other signage

  • Confetti

  • Photo frames

  • Wedding favours

  • Table plans

  • Table numbers

Want a list you can print or save for later? Download it here!


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