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The Ultimate Morning-of Wedding Guide: Hair, Makeup, and Timings

The big day is here! The morning of your wedding is all about pampering, prepping, and feeling like a #queen. The last thing you want to be on your wedding day is stressed about literally anything, but especially how you look and feel. From flawless hair and makeup to nailing the perfect timing, this guide will help you navigate the chaos of your wedding morning and make sure you're ready and relaxed when you walk down that aisle.

Wedding Hair and Makeup: Dos and Don'ts

Let's talk about your crowning glory – your hair and makeup! Here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind:

Do: Schedule a Trial Run

A trial run is an absolute must to make sure your hair and makeup looks exactly how you want it to on your wedding day - no surprises! Make sure to schedule your trials at least a few months before your wedding day. Don't forget to bring inspiration photos as well!

Don't: Experiment with New Products or Treatments

While it's tempting to try out a new face cream or the latest Drunk Elephant dupe right before your wedding, it's best to stick with what you know works for you. You really want to avoid any potential allergic reactions, skin irritations, or hair disasters by sticking to products you know and trust. Save the experimentation for after the big day!

Do: Ask Your Bridesmaids and Other Guests About What They'd Like

Make sure to have a chat with your bridesmaids and other guests, like the mother of the bride and groom, about their hair and makeup arrangements. If they aren't part of the bridal party, check in to see if they'd like some help or if they'll be styling themselves - the last thing you want is your new mother-in-law turning up on the morning of the wedding looking for her hair and makeup to be done and you had no idea!

Wedding Timeline: Hair and Makeup

A well-planned timeline is the secret sauce for a stress-free wedding morning. Here's our suggested timeline to make sure you nail your hair and makeup and get to the altar in one piece!

6:30AM: *Kylie Jenner voice* Rise and shiiiine! I know, I know, it's so early and you know it'll be a long day but you have to start your day early to give yourself plenty of time to get ready. And let's be honest, you probably couldn't sleep with nerves last night! Repeat after me: I will eat breakfast. Even if your bridesmaids need to stuff it down your throat, eat something big because you likely will forget to during the day, and a starving bride only means one thing when the booze comes out later: a drunk bride.

07:30AM: Hair and makeup begins. Your makeup artist will probably start with someone else in your bridal party first; this goes for your hair stylist too - the bride won't be the first or last to have their hair and makeup done, but somewhere in the middle. Depending on the size of your bridal party, you might start later if you have fewer bridesmaids. If you have 5+, you'll start around 7-7.30am for a 2pm ceremony.

10:30AM: Bridesmaids and guests still in the chair. By this time the bride is well on her way to her final look and the bridal party are 50%, if not more, done with hair and makeup. By staggering their appointments, you can be sure that everyone will get the attention they deserve! Consider having multiple hair stylists and makeup artists if you think you might not be ready in time or rushing at all.

12:00PM: Photographer and videographer arrives. If you've organised for getting ready shots, the photographer and videographer will usually arrive around 12pm to the bridal suite for a 2pm ceremony. For opposite gender couples, they've likely been to see the groom beforehand, or for queer couples, the photographer and videographer may just be arriving or have been to a different suite/location for your partner (unless you've been getting ready together, or you didn't want getting ready shots).

12:30PM: Final touches and getting dressed. With hair and makeup complete, it's time for the final touches and getting dressed. This includes putting on your wedding dress, accessories, and adding any finishing touches to your hair and makeup. Exciting! It's all getting very real!

13:00PM: The final countdown. The last hour or so before you get to the ceremony is the most nervous you'll feel all day so make sure you keep yourself occupied by chatting and eating! If you are having a First Look (i.e. you and your partner see each other before the ceremony - great for calming nerves!), you'll have it around this time. I also recommend taking a few minutes to yourself as well if you can so you can really calm yourself and feel good and ready!

13:30PM: Time to go! If your ceremony is close by, you might not leave just yet, but if it's in a different location, you'll either have left by now or will be wanting to go. One last touch up of your hair and makeup and it's time to get hitched! 🎉

More Tips for the Perfect Wedding Morning

Aside from hair and makeup, there are a few more things to consider for a smooth and drama-free wedding morning:

Stay Hydrated and Snack Smart

Trust me, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget to eat. Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated (big tip!) and have light snacks on hand to keep your energy levels up. Oh, and avoid anything too heavy or greasy that you could end up regretting!

Create a Fun Atmosphere

Set the mood for your day by playing your favourite music while you're getting ready and dance and sing along with your friends and family! You don't all have to sit in sombre silence while you're all getting your hair and makeup done! Bring out the champagne or some cheeky shots and have the best morning ever.

Take Some Photos For The 'Gram

Make sure get some photos for the 'gram with your friends while you're getting ready and also make a few TikToks too! We wanna see before and after, popping the champagne, and all the fun shit you're getting up to while you get glam.

Your wedding morning should be filled with excitement and joy, not stress and rushed hair and makeup. That's where I come in: I can help you create the ultimate wedding timeline that ensures every step is perfectly timed. From coordinating with your hair and makeup artists to managing suppliers and handling any unexpected hiccups, I've got your back. Let's work together to make your wedding day the most memorable and stress-free experience of your life! See our services here

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