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So you want the kick-ass, rulebook-free wedding of your dreams, but can't seem to find the perfect venue in Ireland? Let us do all the hard work for you.


We’ll listen to your criteria to understand your priorities and find the venue that matches YOU and what you want - no compromises!

Your wedding venue is the most important decision you’ll make during the planning process, and this service has been custom designed to help couples like you who want to secure their dream venue. With our industry connections, you’ll have your perfect wedding venue secured in just a few weeks!


We’ll meet either in person or virtually to discuss your needs and expectations, and then get to work finding your perfect Irish wedding venue - whether it's a traditional venue, a function space, private land or something else.


Using our extended network and the relationships we have with venues in Ireland, we will research venue options for you based on your criteria and wishlist items, including venues that are hard to find and secure!


After careful research, we will present three venue options matching your wishlist criteria. Our presentation will detail key components of each venue, including availability, capability, size, style, and costs–along with pros and cons.


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